The Ovlo Family of Restaurants

A family of restaurants built around fresh, clean and delicious food

Our Plantation location is home to two additional Restaurants that are guided by the same principles of clean, fresh and delicious eating that our owners established for OE Bowls. There’s more than one way to prepare feel-good food, so we’re incredibly excited to share these new crave-worthy creations with you.

Ordering can be done online for pickup or delivery, or order on our in-store digital kiosk to dine-in.

It’s everything we love to eat in combinations we can’t stop thinking about. Guided by the principles of clean eating, we aim to craft dishes packed with bold flavors. Our crave-worthy creations are made with fresh ingredients, tremendous love and mindful approaches that never miss the mark. From thoughtfully-sourced and consciously-chosen ingredients, each component of our menu has been prepared with purpose and intent.

We strive to make your poke bowl experience ‘olu’olu. Like its tropical Hawaiian origin, our poké bowls are refreshing and fantastic. Our fresh sushi-grade fish and thoughtfully sourced ingredients are the keys to a satisfying and healthy poké bowl. The menu is prepared fresh daily by our Executive Chef to ensure quality and deliciousness in every bite. Make your poke bowl as refreshing and harmonious as Hawaii itself at Poké Olu.