Food with Thought
From our bases, proteins and vegetables, to our spices and house-made sauces, everything our expert chef prepares has been crafted with delicious flavor and a healthier lifestyle in mind.
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How do we pack so much bold flavor into each of our bowls? Every bowl is made from scratch with ingredients that are fresh and hand selected by our chef. When each individual ingredient is delicious, our bowl combination flavors are naturally amplified.
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Get clean eating in the comfort of your home knowing your meal was safely prepared in a clean kitchen. We take every precaution necessary to make sure our kitchen and staff are properly sanitized so you don’t have to worry about eating our bowls.
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We’re not saying we invented the bowl, but we damn near perfected it. Each bite of our fresh, custom creations is packed with flavor without skimping on the clean ingredients your body is craving. No reservations needed with our pick-up and delivery only menu, where all our bowls are conveniently delivered to you in eco-friendly packaging.

At OE Bowls, you don’t have to choose between tasting good and feeling good – we’ve got them both covered.

OE Bowls - Healthy Bowls in Plantation Florida

Build Your Bowl or Chef-curated Creations

Build it how you like it.

With bases, veggies, proteins, sauces and add-ons to choose from, your bowl options are endless. Fully customize your bowl to match your taste buds and your diet.

Pick 2 bases
Pick 2 Veggies
Pick 2 proteins
pick a sauce
customize add-ons

We'll take it from here.

We’ve poured thought into each of these creations so you don’t have to. Our chef-curated bowls are packed with fresh, flavorful ingredients that are balanced in both flavor and freshness. 
Mojo pork bowl
Mediterranean salmon bowl
jerk chicken bowl
pineapple teriyaki bowl
the beast bowl

options available:

Succulent Mojo Roast Pork may be the star of this chef-curated OE Bowl, but the homemade black bean salad and fresh cilantro sure gives it a run for its money.

Order the Mojo Pork Bowl for curbside pickup for the freshest OE Bowls experience:
You can never have too many of our Lemongrass Roasted Carrots. Add them to your next bowl or order them as a tasty side dish to elevate your OE Bowl experience.

Try our Lemongrass Roasted Carrots at
One bite of our Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken will have you begging for more... good thing you can order an entire bowl of it.

Try a bite for yourself at
Mojo Pork roasted to perfection every single day. Keep things fresh, keep things delicious.

Order the Mojo Pork Bowl at
Pro Tip: Add a @funkybuddhataproom Beer to your next OE Bowl for a funky & refreshing beverage option. It pairs quite well with our herb-grilled tempeh!

Order at
Hearty. Healthy. Wholesome. Heck... The Jerk Chicken Bowl has got it all.

Fill up on this deliciousness by ordering at
A different bowl for every day of the week. Which one are you eating today? Whether you try one of our Chef-Curated options or build your own bowl, there are enough fresh and healthy options to have a delicious and different meal every day!

Try one of our tasty bowls by ordering at
Your next meal should be packed with BOWL'd flavor! Our Mediterranean Salmon Bowl takes the freshest ingredients, each with unique yet harmonious flavors, and puts them all in one hearty bowl for your enjoyment.
Stacks of veggies in an OE Bowl makes for a clean & wholesome meal to keep you eating right this week. Don't sacrifice taste for healthiness. Give OE Bowls a try.
When every ingredient we source is fresh, clean and cooked to perfection, every bite of an OE Bowl is incredibly delicious. Like our Chef-Curated Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken Bowl with unique and bold flavors.
Mojo Roast Pork may be the star of this chef-curated OE Bowl, but the enormous scoop of crushed avocado and black bean salad sure give it a run for its money.

Try the Mojo Pork Bowl by ordering on
Finding yourself questioning whether or not those leftovers in your fridge are still good? Time to toss them. Get a fresh OE Bowl feast and get back to clean eating.
We've got some gooood cluckin' chicken! Add our fresh Herb Chicken to your next OE Bowl for a sensational protein option.

Build your bowl at
In each of our bowls there are a whole lot of really fresh and delightfully tasty ingredients. So when we mix them into one huge bowl topped with some of our homemade sauces, it makes for one heck of a treat!

Choose your ingredients and build your perfect bowl at
Let's get this week started on the right foot 💪 Our Mediterranean Salmon Bowl has the Vitamin B, Omega-3, and protein that you need to boost your brain and heart health.
When you build your own bowl, it isn't just delicious... it's art. Every bowl should be as colorful, bright, and textured as this #vegetarian & #vegan option with Herb-Grilled Tempeh.

Create a masterpiece of your own at
Bowls built better. Create your bowls with the freshest, most fulfilling ingredients.

Create your own at
Avocado, Brussels Sprouts, Sweet Potato, Broccoli... Just a few of our favorite things.
The best part about the first bite of our Jerk Chicken bowl... you've got a bowl full of bites left.
We've got mojo on our mind. Our Mojo Roast Pork is so tender and delicious that its pictures live in our heads rent-free.
It's the homemade caramelized pineapple teriyaki sauce and fresh kimchee tomato salad for us...

What's your favorite flavors? Find out at
Fresh caught from the Atlantic ➡️ Herb-brushed on our grill ➡️ Prepared deliciously for your plate. Our Salmon is thoughtfully sourced so we can deliver the freshest experience for you.
Even if you don't keep a #Vegetarian or #Vegan diet, our Grilled Tempeh is a delicious protein option that's packed with nutrients! Tempeh may help lower cholesterol, improve bone health, and even aid digestive health.

Try Tempeh on your next bowl when you order at
We won't JERK you around... this bowl is FRESH! Our Jerk Chicken bowl is filled with hand-selected, natural ingredients so you can eat clean and deliciously!
We pack a wholeeee lot of healthy and fresh ingredients into each of our OE Bowls... that's probably why they are so big and filling!
HOLY BOWLY! Our OE Bowls are STACKED with the freshest ingredients... and a lot of them!

Can you take down one on your own? Order at
Our Chef-Curated OE Bowls have all the right ingredients. Each bowl is crafted with unique and delicious flavors. Which one are you trying?
- Mediterranean Salmon Bowl
- Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken Bowl
- Jerk Chicken Bowl
- Mojo Pork Bowl
Serious question... what's better, the first bite or the last? Whichever you prefer, every bite of an OE Bowls is clean and delicious because we use the freshest ingredients.

Get some bites of your own at
When you build your own OE Bowl, you can get as funky and fresh as you'd like with the mix-ins! Like this Herb Chicken Bowl with Harissa Roasted Broccoli, Chickpea Salad, and Tzatziki!

Build your own bowl at
No need for meat when our veggie mix-in options are so unique in flavor. Build any bowl to your liking, but this #vegetarian option with Curry Spiced Sweet Potatoes, Crispy Agave Brussels Sprouts, Harissa Roasted Broccoli, and Crushed Avocado is quite the treat!

Order for pickup or delivery at
Build your OE Bowl however you like it! With several fresh options for proteins, veggies, bases, homemade sauces and add-ons, there's hundreds of unique ways to customize your bowl.

Create a bowl for your appetite at
Our Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken Bowl is ready for its closeup! With ingredients so fresh, there's no reason to shy away from the spotlight.

Order for pickup or delivery directly at
For something that tastes so delicious, it's a surprise we call it a Jerk. Don't let our 'Jerk' Chicken Bowl fool you, it's a hearty, wholesome, and tasty meal!

Order our Jerk Chicken Bowl online for pickup or delivery at
Each of our featured OE Bowls is Chef-Curated. Every ingredient and flavor combo is thoughtfully built by our Executive Chef. He takes the time to make the perfect pairings so you can order with complete confidence that every OE Bowl will be clean and delicious.

Try one of our Chef-Curated bowls by ordering at
With hundreds of ways to customize your bowl, we've got plenty of #vegetarian & #vegan options that are fresh, tasty, and most importantly delicious!

Build your OE Bowl to fit your lifestyle at
The Mojo Roast Pork Bowl. Chef prepared, Father approved. Make sure Dad is well fed this Father's Day with OE Bowls.

Open for Dine-in or Takeout this Father's Day - Order at
Tender herb-grilled salmon may take the center stage of our Mediterranean Salmon Bowl, but the Harissa Roasted Broccoli, Chickpea Salad, and homemade Tzatziki each deserve some of the spotlight. Try Bowl'd Mediterranean flavors at OE Bowls.

Order directly at
Feast your eyes on The Beast Bowl! You won't be able to finish this in one sitting. With 4 servings of meat (2 x Mojo Roast Pork & 2 x Herb Chicken), 2 scoops of Crushed Avocado, Lemongrass Roasted Carrots, Black Bean Salad, and Brown Rice, this will have you filled for a couple of days.

Try The Beast Bowl by ordering directly at
You don't have to look very hard to see the freshness. All of our OE Bowls are made fresh to order, including our Mojo Pork Bowl. With succulent roast pork, fresh & flavorful herbs and spices, and Black Bean Salad with plump tomatoes, corn & pickled red onions, this bowl is well-balanced and tasty.

Try the Mojo Pork Bowl by ordering at
Me: "The perfect protein bowl doesn't exi..."
Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken Bowl: 💁‍♀️

Order our fresh, delicious, and well-balanced bowls at